CARE – Marketing in Times of Crisis

29 Mar CARE – Marketing in Times of Crisis

In times of crisis companies have an opportunity (and, really, a social obligation) to use their ability to organize and focus in order to help their respective communities cope. We like to use this acronym to remember what to do and how you can help – CARE.


Map out the communities associated with your organization. Your employees are one, for sure. How about the professional communities that they are a part of? Where are you located – do you have communities around your locations that depend on you or can be helped by your expertise?

Prepare a list of all the communities that provide the daily network that helped your organization grow and prosper.


Yes, we’re all practicing social distancing now, but CARE and Share are true for every type of crisis, so find the right way to associate with your communities.Ask them what they need right now, figure out the current gaps in services and see if maybe you can help bridge them.

Associating also means discovering the ways in which the community works and building your own routes to deliver within its structure.


Now that you know who your “audience” are and what they need, map your organization’s resources and skills. What do you do best? Do you have supplies that can help? Can your employees assist with their knowledge, or maybe simply by allocating their time? This is your time to dig into every resource and asset you may have and see how those might help the needs you discovered.


Remember – this is a difficult time for everybody, not everything you come up with will be greeted with open hands and full acceptance. Be patient. Listen. Sometimes that’s all it takes.

SHARE it Forward

Don’t forget to share your CARE stories online, boost your employees’ pride and remind others to do the same.