How to Bring Events Online

08 Apr How to Bring Events Online

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Memes and jokes about quarantines, social isolation and (not) working from home are as viral as the coronavirus pandemic that evoked them. HR and technical operations departments are quickly implementing work-from-home protocols as the world learns how to deal with a medical global crisis.?

Working with large B2B corporations, it is clear that clients still need their vendors to be there for them, and prospects are still looking for the best solutions to keep their systems operational and safe. There are several ways for your brand to keep on top of their minds when they need you the most.?

Web Conferencing

Most companies stopped all conference activities without accounting for the meetings and presentations they were going to make during the spring. At the beginning of this crisis, there was truly no other way, conferences were postponed and things seemed like they would soon go back to normal. But we are now getting used to a new normal – more work is done digitally than ever before, teams are separated and all meetings are held using virtual settings.?

It’s time to rethink the marketing strategy and implement the same tools for your marketing and sales operations – it’s not only advisable, it is also a must. Companies are looking for the right way to survive this new climate we’re in, help them by providing valuable content and congregating over ideas. Create spaces for networking and be the face they need to guide them through.??

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A lot of prospects in your target audience are working from home right now, trying to figure out the right way to navigate through these times. Does your company have a knowledge base that can help them? List them and start thinking about the ways in which you can enrich their efforts with experience and information.

Before deciding on a plan, remember that they might need help with issues concerning business management, finances or other realms that are not necessarily related to your company’s direct product. Some of your executives and professional employees might hold???

Routine eMeetings

Were you used to having prospects and clients over for a lecture over lunch? An interesting talk? If not, this is the time to start!

Offer short meetings with interesting key players on the industry, talk about what’s new, offer insights and tools. We all need a break from the ongoing routine of sitting alone at home or attending countless meetings on end. In places where deliveries are still running as usual, you can also add in a small “I see you” gift and have a food delivery appear at their doorstep right on time for your “lunch and learn”, your clients will feel special and appreciated, and the atmosphere will change instantaneously.?

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Some Tools

An easy search online will yield numerous results for conferencing, webinar and meeting platforms.?

We like using Zoom for all purposes, as it is one of the veterans, has a lot of prominence in the market and many already know how to use it. On top of that, it offers a free chatroom for up to 100 participants, which is very useful.?

Another tool for conferences and meeting is RingCentral, that offers more than just calls and is considered the leader in Unified Communications as a Service. RingCentral has two separate pricing models – for enterprises and for SMBs.?

Last, but not least, is Google Hangouts – a simple and sweet tool that comes with every Gmail account. Easy to turn on with every invitation sent from the Google Calendar and definitely worth checking out for the smaller events.?

Let us know what you are doing to keep those interactions flowing into your funnel.