Lead Generation

Quality Lead Generation- Hitting the Target. Precisely.

Quality lead generation is often the main challenge for companies in the B2B and B2C realm. Quality leads is one of the rare commodities, carrying a direct impact on sales volume and the success of the company. Not every user filling an online form on your website is a quality lead, and not all phone calls result in sales. As a professional agency acting as a lead generation specialist, Daze Marketing helps B2B companies in various industries and B2C companies to obtain quality leads which yield to sales in the shortest sales cycle time!

Our Methodology

Market Research

The key to success: Thorough market & competitor analysis

Marketing Mix

Choosing the most effective marketing channels for reaching the campaign goals

Campaign Building

Precise targeting and emphasizing the unique value proposition (UVP)

Data Analysis

Advanced use of analytical tools promoting real time conclusions


Constantly improving the campaign based on the lead quality

This page is not about buying leads or advertising in partner networks. This content will help you build a winning marketing strategy and effective online marketing plans, streaming your lead generation process.


Daze Marketing approach to creating quality leads in three steps:

  • Focusing on the target audience.
  • Choosing the optimal marketing channel and the message to convey.
  • “Cooking” the leads to the “right temperature.”

First Step: Focusing on the Target Audience

The first step begins with focusing on the target audience: their role, industry, geographic location, and more; in B2C settings, it is also important to understand their age and interests.


For each online marketing service Daze Marketing provides, we conduct the most accurate market segmentation, and if possible, along with the client’s marketing manager, we continue to divide the target audience into sub-groups. Since the sales cycle in B2B setting is long and complex, it’s best to tailor the marketing message to the target audience.

Second Step: Choosing the Marketing Channel and the Message- “The Channel is the Message?”

The channel- though the internet is considered as one medium, it includes many channels through which one can reach its target audience: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google advertising, sending newsletters, and more. It is important to understand where your target audience may search you, or will be open to accept to what you have to offer.


The message- an average user is exposed to an enormous number of messages daily. Hence, it is important that your message will communicate your Unique Value Proposition in a clear and attractive manner. It is equally important that this message will appear in your website in a coherent, concise way, an important process of the characterization process.


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Third Step: “Cooking” the Leads to the “Right Temperature”

Quality leads is a matter of quality vs. quantity. Most B2C and B2B lead generation agencies focus on getting many leads, rather than focused leads. Improving the conversion rate is a great goal, but we believe that fewer, higher quality leads, those that have a greater chance to yield to sales, are worth more than tons of low quality leads.


It’s important to remember that generating quality leads does not happen overnight; patience is a key component in the optimization process of online advertising campaigns. Furthermore, fast drastic moves will harm data gathering and analysis, and hence the campaign results.


Define targets you can easily measure: the number of users who entered your landing page/ filled an online form/ purchased/ called. A campaign with vague targets, such as raising awareness, will result in vague results and a sense of frustration.

Lead Management- Nurturing Leads

The user has taken action in your website? Great! This is a potential lead! Now is the time for some research: where did the lead come from? What attracted him to your site? Use Google Analytics to trace how the lead has reached you.


It’s important to distinguish between “hot leads” that can develop into a sale and “warm leads”. The sales cycle in the B2B world tends to be longer, so it is important to create a sales funnel to warm and hot leads.


A “warm lead” generally would like to obtain more information; sign him up for your newsletter, Webinar, and offer him the option to obtain the information via written materials or a meeting. Maintain a constant, yet unaggressive, follow-up while checking the lead’s reaction and approach towards your product/ service. Use questions and dilemmas to strengthen your message.

Quality Leads- Hit the Target!

Creating quality leads is a main challenge of many businesses. Obtaining a long term loyal customer base is a crucial asset to the company’s success. The temptation to get more leads always exists, but it can be a waste of time and money. A quality, targeted lead, which understands your advantages, and how your product or service can solve their problem or need, is a lead that is ready to close the deal.


Contact us and let’s generate quality leads that yield results!