Linkedin Company Page: Build relationships that drive results

13 Aug Linkedin Company Page: Build relationships that drive results

Attract and engage followers using Linkedin company page

Your LinkedIn company page can be the heart of your LinkedIn marketing strategy. It engages employees and followers and can amplify any Linkedin marketing activity.

What is your Linkedin company page good for?

  • Creating additional exposure through followers
  • Promoting products and services
  • Targeting content to specific audiences
  • Gaining social proof through recommendations

Your Linkedin company page is just the beginning of your Linkedin marketing. Once ready, jump into some additional Linkedin marking info: Linkedin strategy, Linkedin ads, or how to improve your Linkedin profile.

Linkedin Company page

No one doubts the power of Linkedin: over 300 million professionals are members in over 200 countries.

Over 80% of Linkedin members want to connect with companies (source: Linkedin). Which is why many Enterprises invest substantial resources in developing their Linkedin company page pages, and use their pages as their main hub for their online marketing activity. HP, for example, used the Products and Services tab on their Linkedin company page as the center of a campaign that generated 2,000 recommendations, 20k new followers, and 500k viral updates – within two weeks (source: Linkedin).

But this doesn’t mean that Linkedin company pages are good only for large enterprise – on the contrary. A smaller company can use Linkedin company page to create additional exposure, target content to specific users, and gain social proof.

Attracting followers to your Linkedin company page for better exposure

Once you’ve established your Linkedin company page, you can use it to foster relationship and create exposure by attracting followers.

How would you attract followers?

  • Engage colleagues and employees: Your employees are 70% more likely to engage with your company page (source: Linkedin). Encourage them to add the company page link to their signature, to get it to go viral.
  • Announce company page to clients and colleagues through updates
  • Add a ”follow” button to your website

Past and current employees that are followers will get you additional free exposure by having your company page on their personal profile, in addition to their company roles. Unlike Facebook, where company pages have very little visibility on personal profiles, on Linkedin profiles, company pages and logos have a prominent location on each follower’s personal profile.

Promoting products and services through your Linkedin company page

One of the most beneficial features of Linkedin company page is the Products and Services tab. Unlike the overview page, that includes general information and company updates, the Products and Services tab can include numerous products and services information, prioritized by you. In addition, this tab can include revolving banner ads at the top of the page as well as YouTube videos.

Targeting content to specific users

The Products and Services tab can be tailored to target different audiences with different content. You can define your target audience by different parameters such as company size, roles, seniority, industries and more – and then tailor content such as products or services, as well as banners, for each specific audience.

Essentially, it provides the ability to design different landing pages in one place, which can help with SEO optimization as well as any Linkedin advertising campaigns. The ability to target specific audiences in Linkedin helps companies with smaller marketing and advertising budgets to do better with less.

Gaining social proof through recommendations

Customers, vendors and followers can add recommendations to your company page page. These recommendations and the recommenders’ profiles are visible to all Linkedin users who visit your page, which helps make the recommendation viral.

Gaining social proof through your Linkedin company page may be the most quality kind of exposure you can get. It implies a high level of engagement with your company and products.

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