Marketing Workshops

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Marketing Workshops- Reaching the Next Step

Daze Marketing offers organizations and companies in the B2B realm online marketing seminars and workshops, geared towards sales teams and marketing managers. Our workshops develop the knowhow of expanding sales and business opportunities using social media. All our workshops are led by Gali Soudak, our CEO, along with Daze Marketing staff.

Sales Training Marketing Workshops Using LinkedIn

The days of training sales staff on how to conduct cold-calls are long gone, especially in B2B marketing, where sales cycles are longer. Buyers today are busier and more sophisticated than before; with the mass online information, they tend to investigate and explore more options before even meeting with any sales person. But if your sales team is able to communicate with potential buyers before the sales cycle even begins, and build a relationship based on mutual trust and respect, when the time comes for potential customers to purchase, the chances of closing the deal are much higher.


Gali Soudak, Daze Marketing CEO, will present your sales team with the techniques of transforming the old school cold-calls method into today’s winning sales strategy. With years of experience in sales and online marketing, and studying social networks, Gali Soudak will introduce your sales team to the concept of Social Selling, emphasizing selling in the international markets. Transform your sales team into an effective, efficient and productive selling force, comprised of people who love coming to work, and selling!


  • How to build a LinkedIn profile that attracts potential customers.
  • How to find the most accurate “links”- the decision makers the organization!
  • How to use the right lingo to move potential customers to make the contact.
  • How to conduct wise networking using LinkedIn, and turn potential into paying customers.


By implementing Social Selling techniques, there is no end to the business opportunities: enhancing the quality of business relationships, shortening sales cycles, increasing leads-to-customer conversion rate, and finally, increasing profits due to the right social activity!


This workshop is geared towards companies operating in the global markets, with several sales managers.


Duration: 5 hours.

LinkedIn Workshop for Marketing Professionals

Become familiar with the most effective marketing method in the B2B world, one that helps you reach decision makers in the highest level and effectively market to them. LinkedIn marketing is geared towards networking and creating engagement with the target audience, resulting in quality leads.


After dozens of workshops in Israel to exporters, industry leaders and marketing managers, including The Israeli Export and International Cooperation Institute and The Manufacturing Association of Israel, Gali Soudak, Daze Marketing CEO, will present you with the key insights for effective LinkedIn marketing:


  • Distinguishing B2B and B2C marketing methods.
  • How to effectively find your target audience in the B2B world.
  • How to find your unique value proposition.
  • How to transform your personal LinkedIn profile to a door opener.
  • How to use marketing and advertising techniques to attract target customers via LinkedIn.


This workshop is geared towards marketing managers who wish to deepen their understanding of the B2B marketing process, and for those who are interested in expanding their network in LinkedIn, to create business or employment opportunities. Daze Marketing offers intro and intermediate LinkedIn workshops.


Duration: 5 hours.

About Gali Soudak

Leading cutting edge marketing workshops in the social media marketing field is only part of Gali’s role. Acting as the CEO of Daze Marketing, a digital marketing agency, for the past 5 years, Gali holds an MBA from Melbourne University in Australia, specializing in marketing. Expert in B2B sales and marketing, with a bizarre hobby: PHP programming.

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