Stay in Touch with Your Clients

29 Mar Stay in Touch with Your Clients

Have You Thought About Your Clients?

As we settle into the new reality of a locked-down, socially distant world, many companies tend to pull inward. It makes perfect sense – the future is unclear, no one can tell us exactly how long we will be asked to self-quarantine, or even which countries will be added to the forced quarantine list. It is highly important to reassure your employees, figure out the best way to distance them while staying operational and take a good look at the expenses. But don’t focus all your efforts on looking inside, your clients also need you right now.

Reassure Them

Like anyone else right now, your clients are also confused and anxious. It all feels a little tentative, nobody really knows yet what’s going to happen when days cooped inside turn into weeks and — in all likelihood — months. Call your clients. With your expertise in their line of business, you might be a good shoulder for them to lean on. They will also need to know what your plans are for their workload and the extent to which you can support their activity right now. Be clear and upfront, don’t make false promises. It is better to say you can’t accomplish an assignment than to promise you will and disappoint.

Show Them You Care

Talking to your clients will help you understand what they’re going through, what their needs are, and you might even be able to make some work adjustments to show you care. A vendor-client relationship works better when both sides care about each other’s success, be the one to show you respect that and try to help them prevail during these times of uncertainty.

Will They Buy More, or Less?

It depends on their industry, resilience and your services. As time goes on, we’ll start to see a lot of companies adapting to the situation. Nobody really knows how long it will take, but experts are estimating a second round of quarantine at the beginning of the winter, after summer and social distancing stop the current contagion cycle. If you can help your clients find a niche to fit these times, they’ll be stronger and so will you.